GASP Duffle Bag

$135.04 USD


This is not just any Duffle bag!
Big GASP logo print on top and orange GASP symbol print on both sides to give you the feeling of roughness. Made from heavy-duty polyester, the Gasp Duffel bag XL is a bomber of a bag! Adapted to manage your everyday hardcore lifestyle. Either if you’re “on the move” or just heading out for a “beast” gym session.


  • Stable carrying handle, shoulder strap and simple function for use as a backpack
  • Extra heavy buckles to tighten the bag
  • Heavy side handle and shoulder strap
  • Mesh pocket in the lid and on both sides inside the bag for your gym accessories
  • Huge black zippers and zip pullers
  • Name tag pocket
  • Sturdy black plastic buckles and heavy black stitching
  • Punched vinyl bottom for extra stability

Made from 420 D polyester, tarpaulin

70 ltr volume, Length 61 cm / 24 inches, Width 38 cm / 15 inches, Height 38 cm / 15 inches


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