GASP O.P.S Edition Longsleeve

$77.91 USD

Ocean Blue
Military Olive

GASP O.P.S Edition Longsleeve.

Let us introduce the first GASP O.P.S (One Production Specials). These products are only made in limited quantities and they are made with some extra passion which will transcend to our GASP Community once they get their hands on them. These GASP O.P.S items are basically breathing #NoCompromises and we dare to predict that they'll end up on our list of best sellers. 
Furthermore, these specific GASP O.P.S items has been developed in cooperation with GASP Athlete Tony Sentmanat, who is a leader within tactical training in the USA. Each product was developed to provide the highest level of comfort while withstanding extreme wear and tear that is needed for this type of training.
GASP O.P.S is as mentioned just ONE production, there will be less than a thousand in stock of each item worldwide.

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