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About Us

Welcome to Global Gym Wear!

Are you a person who cannot find clothes that fit you? Do you want premium clothes that make you look and feel amazing? Are you looking for gym and casual clothes that are not the usual high street brands? If yes, look no further!

Here at Global Gym Wear we started off struggling to find clothes that fitted us, and that were different to the high street brands and then we found the designer GASP and Better Bodies, who specialise in premium gym and casual clothing for serious athletes. They design their products for athletes who have worked hard to achieve their physic, who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle and whom want there clothes to reflect that.

GASP and Better Bodies is a Swedish based company with over 20 years experience in creating great quality products. They are the leading brand in the gym and fitness textile industry world wide!

So thats where we come in...

We are a Yorkshire based company, who want to reflect the ethos of GASP and Better Bodies. We are passionate about getting clothes that feel comfortable and fit perfectly and reflect the shape of our body, and we want others who feel the same to have this too!

We have 7 years experience behind us in online selling and have recently developed our business into gym wear.

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