Gorilla Wear Oakland Crop Tank

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Black/Neon Lime
Black/Neon Orange
Gray/Neon Lime
Gray/Neon Orange
This perfectly fitting cropped design by Gorilla Wear. This top is a must have for every adventurous & fit lady! This tank is comfortable and ideal for every day work out. The camo style makes it an eye catching piece of clothing. In addition it can be combined with different pieces of our Gorilla Wear Woman Collection. On the right hand backside of the crop top it says ‘I dare you’. Get yours today and be bold! It's time to show the people that you are a member of the GORILLA WEAR Family where you can choose between the colors Black/Neon Lime, Gray/Neon Lime, Gray/Pink, Black/Neon Orange and Gray/Neon Orange.

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